Taxotere otherwise known as Docetaxel are synthetic chemotherapy drugs which began to treat breast cancer after 1/1/2005.

Taxol, an all-natural chemical compound was being used as a go-to drug for quite a while when the drug companies started trying to increase the use for breast cancer treatment using the synthetic forms of drugs Taxotere and Docetaxel.

There have been no comprehensive studies showing that Taxotere and Docetaxel are more effective and Taxotere and Docetaxel have been warned that they can cause permanent hair loss.

Imagine being in Stage 1, 2 or 3 of breast cancer, going through chemo and radiation and being in remission only to find out the chemo drug used on you caused permanent hair loss and you would never be able to grow your hair back even though you could live your life again.

What’s even worse is that the drug companies hawking it in the U.S. knew about the problem because it had been warned for just that in Europe but it wasn’t warned here when it first started being sold.

Taxotere is sold in more than 90 countries, Sanofi – the makers of it have a 30-40% share with this drug and has average 3 billion a year from it.

FDA approved Taxotere for use in the treatment of breast cancer in 1996 and the generic versions were approved in March 2011. They are Docefrez and Docetaxel.

The label was finally revised to include permanent “alopecia” on 12/11/15. The link for this is

We are looking for women who:

  • Had a diagnosis of Stage 1, 2 or 3 breast cancer or Stage 3 that has not metastasized
  • Cancer is in remission
  • Was treated with Taxotere or Docetaxel or the generic made by Winthrop Inc versus Sanofi
  • Who have had permanent hair loss dx by a dermatologist or doctor – this can include a Ben Franklin look or some wisps of hair growing back, patchy, light fuzz or totally bald
  • Hair loss that has persisted more than six months after stopping chemotherapy

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These drugs are often used for off-label use, which means it wasn’t put on the market for these reasons or warned of very serious signature injuries associated with these drugs.

Often drug makers need to keep the prescription levels high to make as much money as they can which can often mean them settling out serious injury cases more swiftly.

We can help you. We can help consumers find the right and credible law firms handling these specific areas and who have a documented track record in understanding these drugs and the injuries associated with them versus some lawyers who are just collecting the cases and then refer them to someone you have never heard of.

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