Bay Area Women Call for Ban of Transvaginal Mesh, Bladder Slings as FDA Issues More Warnings

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J&J must pay $72 million for cancer death linked to talcum powder

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ.N) was ordered by a Missouri state jury to pay $72 million of damages to the family of a woman whose death from ovarian cancer was linked to her use of the company’s talc-based Baby Powder and Shower to Shower for several decades.

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Women’s Stories

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The Problem

Why has this happened?

Need Help?

Don’t go it alone. We can help.

When I started in this business twenty years ago, I had no idea that one day I would witness such a gross display of greed as the mesh recall. Now, I have seen some BAD, AWFUL recalls over the years but none on the magnitude of the transvaginal mesh issue.  And as a woman owned business this is especially disturbing to me.

Our business model is simple. We are advocates for people who aren’t familiar with the  drug and product FDA warning and recall process, so we act as the middle man between injured  consumers and the consumer law firms qualified to help them. People contact us when they need help for significant injuries stemming from prescription drug, product and medical related injuries.

Here’s how it works.

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A drug company such as Johnson and Johnson knowingly puts defective mesh products on the market. The defective mesh then disables hundreds of thousands of women. The drug company makes billions for many years as they heavily market it AND  then traditionally an insider or whistleblower  who feels compelled to speak out against such bad acts,  goes to the Department of Justice or a trusted  lawyer and says what we all still dread to hear – “the company knew about the dangers and sold it anyway for profit.” Then the investigations begin, but unfortunately by then hundreds of thousands of these defective products are in consumers already.

Consumer focused lawyers such as the ones we work with then start working with us to try to inform the public – and specifically the women who may have this defective product, that it is indeed defective and that they may want to seek legal help with medical bills, surgeries, future surgeries and injuries.

Some call these people / lawyers, ambulance chasers. I call them the few decent people who are still willing to put their own money on the line to protect consumers when big pharma treats them like collateral damage just to make a buck.

People who may disagree have probably never had a friend of family member lose everything or have had a bad experience with lawyers. I understand. We all have. No profession is without the ones that ruin it for the good ones. But I can tell you every firm we are working with on this is reputable, compassionate and has been fighting against these mesh makers just as they have fought against Big Asbestos, Big Tobacco, etc. and have a documented track record in these areas.

Here’s the thing.

Big Pharmaceutical companies and the Drug Empires have no system in place or mandates to let consumers know they may have products in them that are defective, and that the consumer who this affects has rights.  Yes, it’s true the doctors and drug companies  have no obligation or legal responsibility as they see issues to let people know they have taken a drug or have a medical device in them that may be defective and  has been warned or recalled.

This is Outrageous!

If they can make billions from consumers, they can help educate and warn us when a recall happens.

Without us marketing to you and you contacting us and then us working with a trusted consumer firm to get you help, YOU would have NO access.

Very sad and wrong.

So that’s how the system works.  Drug companies take advantage of the consumers. Consumers only find out about it from TV, internet, or other forms of marketing not paid for by the companies who committed the crime. Consumer Lawyers get involved to help and fight for justice on their own dime because these cases are on contingency – which means you don’t pay unless they can prove your injuries based on that product.  It is sometimes a long and expensive process for these firms to get justice for you.

You would think once the drug company had admitted that it knew the product was defective and people were injured, it would take the initiative to right its wrong and let women know, set up a victims fund on its own or even apologize. Rarely or Never happens.

We as consumers have become another name on a spread sheet. The drug makers look at what they can make on a product. They know they have on average 7 years to market it and make so much money that once they are found out it is harmful, they will make these victims get lawyers because they are disabled, in pain, have maybe lost their insurance and reduced to a hovel or lifestyle which they never imagined would happen to them.

That’s what happened with this specific mesh product. Several drug and device companies manufactured and sold a product that was never intended to be used in a women’s vagina. The plastic/synthetic mesh product adheres to women’s tissue and can never be fixed or completely taken out. Some women have had countless surgeries and are as a result still badly disabled. Some women can’t face going through another surgery – equally disabled. Most women who have had this defective mesh are in such pain, can’t hold their bladder movements, can’t have sex any longer, bear children, leave the house, or keep a job or family together.

In 20 years, these are the worst damages I have ever seen and the most irresponsible problem solving by the manufacturers.

Years of Fighting

It’s been years that we have been fighting this recall. Instead of putting money in funds to help women get treatment for their careless, greedy and total disregard for the tragedy they have caused to women, they have spent billions of dollars cumulatively on their white shoe corporate law firms who defend the drug companies. Johnson and Johnson itself has paid its lawyers more than a billion dollars and have refused to help these women. Kind of odd for a company, such as J&J that have made their money from the trust of women and children to then butcher their consumers and treat them, such as they don’t count.

The consumer lawyers have had to fight to have these companies take responsibility for their bad acts. A few have. American Medical System have set up funds for its part in this recall.  As I write  this – Bard, Boston Scientific and Johnson and Johnson, the three largest producers and marketers of the defective mesh (About 48% of the market) have done nothing to help resolve their part, leaving women mangled and desperate for help with medical bills and treatments that may help decrease their pain. If we thought help was on the way- it hasn’t been.

This is a crime against Women.
Instead they have dug in their feet, paid their corporate law firms million to billions and tried to play the waiting game. That game is that if they hold out long enough, women and the consumer lawyer will settle for far less than they should because everyone hits a fatigued point – the drug billionaire companies can out last everyone.

Say what you want about consumer lawyers. They self-fund these cases, and yes, make a lot of money bringing these cases to justice. But it comes out of their own pockets and they don’t get paid until they get justice for the victims. It’s never a fair race when you have millionaire lawyers trying to fight billionaire drug companies. They have the money and have no empathy to what you are going through. We are just pesky consumers who are always trying to shake them down, as they will spin it.

Don’t get me wrong. There are many positives that come from drug companies, but when greed takes over bad decisions are made for bad reasons- money. This is one of those situations.

So here you are.

You have contacted us and may have that defective mesh. The drug companies are now trying to call the game, threatening to call in statutes and warning that if we continue to let women know they have rights and consumer lawyers still take cases, they may take even longer to settle- if they do.

Corrupt Power. A Vicious, Immoral Greedy Position.

And then there is you. The women who have called us. Well spoken, angry, stressed, exhausted, injured, divorced, depressed and disabled, and thinking you can never get help.

Well here is how you get help.

You fight back. We get a Voice.

Contact us so that we can help you create a voice for yourself. We don’t go after the Doctors. Remember, even though a Doctor may have told you he doesn’t think you have the defective mesh, how do you know unless you find out for sure.

Once your paperwork gets in, you preserve your rights. If you don’t have the defective mesh, you at least were an advocate for yourself and you have no financial burden. If you do have this defective mesh you have already been to your doctor, tried to find treatments, find qualified doctors to do a corrective surgery (if it can even help) but without finding a lawyer to fight for your rights, you will never have any rights.

IF we don’t all stand together and have a voice, no voice will be given.

So when you send in your paperwork, you help yourself and every other woman fighting this, because we can’t fight it alone.

The big drug companies will never pay for their bad acts if they think they can control the game and walk away scratch free.

The more women who don’t ask for their voice to be heard, the more big drug/product companies will sucker punch every woman in this litigation.

We need to stand together.

Please call us if you have lost your paperwork, or send it in as soon as possible. That will preserve your rights and create larger numbers of victims that they can’t ignore. If we don’t at this critical point, they may be able to walk away from what they have done, leaving hundreds of thousands of women still injured and never able to seek compensation.

This is our plan.

First get the paperwork in. Rumors are they may be trying to stop you from qualifying in  JUNE although there are no settlement offers out there yet from most of the companies.

We can’t let that happen.

Once your rights are protected we demand you get paid a fair settlement based on your injuries. Demand they set up treatment for your medical problems and future medical issues and surgeries. Demand you are treated as the productive, important part of society you are. You give them a face and a story. We make sure they understand that you are moms, sisters, aunts, wives, workers, caretakers and that you count. We make them account for what they have knowingly reduced you too. You have the power to do more, but we must do it together.

I know many of you have been not doing anything because you have been so disabled and traumatized by this injury. Or you are afraid your doctors will not treat you if you pursue it or you are just finding out you have the mesh or still need to know. But for whatever reason, you must step up and put the first foot in front of the other and send the paperwork back to protect your rights. 

We have received so many personal accounts of what you have gone through, so we set up this site where women can post their pictures, comments and personal notes on what they have endured. We want to hear your story. Your voice matters. Sing it loud.

Seriously, what is a vagina worth?

If there were thousands of men with penises that didn’t work properly any more there would be rioting in the streets. But take a 30-60 year old woman in the prime of her life and they take it all away by leaving her disabled, scared to leave the house, divorced, abandoned and a burden on the family and system – all because the off label use of these mesh, were never intended to be put in her, women were sold to make billions- billions.

So again I ask what is a woman worth? A healthy productive whole person? A Mother? A Daughter? An Aunt? A Friend?

Ultimately, what is a family worth? Because that is what they have destroyed!

This can’t happen.

We need you to contact us to get started.

Then we start to make our voices heard and not let these billionaire drug companies force us into settlements which aren’t reflective of the damage they have caused, nor let them give us a time stamp on when you can preserve your rights.

Please. Stand together to help fight to make this right for all of you.